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Featured Startup: Finovera

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Profile

Finovera joined FintechAccel | CU in our invite-only showcase in Tampa, Florida, where top startups presented to sponsoring credit unions and innovation council members, followed by rapid 1-on-1 interactions to maximize access.

Meet Finovera’s Founder

Purna Pareek

Founder & CEO


Finovera has the most powerful eBill aggregation engine that supports over 14,000 billers delivering bill summary where available.


What Is Finovera? 

Finovera is an eBill aggregation and Payment platform that transforms the member bill pay experience from ordinary to extraordinary.


Bill Pay service currently offered by credit unions is behind the times. The user experience is outdated in the new digital era where PayPal, Amazon, and Uber are setting higher standards. According to new research by Aite Group, 75% of consumers are now paying their bills directly on the biller site because they offer bill details, PDF statements, options to pay bills using cards, and real-time payments features that are not available on the credit unions digital banking application. As a result, credit unions are losing digital engagement and touchpoints to offer deposit, card, and loan account products.



Finovera helps Credit Unions redefine the current bill pay experience by taking a holistic view of a member’s financial life and incorporating bill pay into an overall financial wellness program that keeps members coming back to their application to pay and manage their bills.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

Finovera can deliver eBills from 14,000+ billers (the largest biller network in the US). The company enables card bill pay that earns interchange for the Credit Union and is the best web and mobile experience that engages members.