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Featured Startup: APiO

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Profile

APiO joined FintechAccel | CU in our invite-only showcase in Tampa, Florida, where top startups presented to sponsoring credit unions and innovation council members, followed by rapid 1-on-1 interactions to maximize access.

Meet APiO’s CEO

William Borghetti



Despite the enormous amount of excess capital available, access to working capital remains the number one business challenge for SMBs.


What Is APiO? is changing business lending forever via speed, automation, and accounting integration, empowering Credit Unions and their members to decide on loans as quick as 5 minutes and 3 clicks.


Business lending has been a pain! For that reason, over 50% of Credit Unions don’t offer business lending to their members.


A proprietary and patent-pending accounting/data integration and risk analysis technology empower Credit Unions to offer business loans by simply adding a button on their website.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

Our proprietary ‘data integration’ technology combined with an ‘EarlyPay’ marketplace stands APiO elite in this category.